Sunday, April 26, 2009


he reminded you of comets colliding and holding your breath underwater and bedtime stories.he was your rainbow, your sunny sky, your ledge to hold onto and the song you fell asleep listening to each night.

you couldnt get him out of your head.

you didnt even want to.

there was no choice, no other option.there was nothing - nothing but him and the promises in his eyes and the whispers from his lips.

there was nothing but falling.

he made you smile, made you laugh, made you want to live again.the two of you would go to the park just to watch the shadows chase each other on the ground.he'd hold your hand and tell you pretty words, and you believed every one of them.

his breath was like autumn wind, soft and sweet, and he was the only thing that would chase your nightmare away.

you didnt realize that he was the nightmare.

he was the water and salty tears.he was the waves, pulling you under, begging you to surrender.he was sweet breeze hiding the terror underneath, and he was the memory you never wanted to forget.he was the sand sticking between your toes that you only half-wanted to get rid of but never could.

he was the ocean.

but the ocean drowns everyone eventually.

he was your parachute, stopping you from falling, stopping you from crashing.

but your parachute broke, let you go.

and now there is only falling.

[courtesy from AMERTIE on deviantArt..they are very nice words kan?] :]


1August09: ohmygod..i am sorry about everything.i havent update/view this blog for a while, so i dont realize the situation in here.i'm so sorry to the author of this poem, Amertie....i should include your name!sorry,my bad!my deepest apologie..

i must say,
i almost cried when i typed the words in from the desktop screen to the blog.
cause it describes my feelings,perfectly.
heh,memory cant be erased,dont they?
oh well,stop thinking bout past.
what done is done.since it is fate, what can i do?
better shape up!hee~ :] go!go!go!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

..peluh oh peluh..

---UTP Sports Carnival 2009---
17-29 April
anywhere as long as it is in the utp compound. xp
basketball,futsal,tug of war,beach volleyball,netball,campus run,hockey,main masak2,batu seremban..ok shuh.i'm crapping.
"Drop the books, Start the sweating!"

hehhh,yah rite.
do we study using book,really?
i dont think i am.

what do we get as soon as we enter the event?
1. sweat,definitely.
2. sunburn. (isk2)
3. tiredness
4. busy-ness (waaa...)
5. fight between players
6. fight between players and referee
7. hungry
8. no weekend. (paling penting!wuwu~)
9. credit for both maxis and celcom = 0 sen

but but but..on the bright side,we do get:
1. friendship (paling paling penting)
2. teamwork
3. networking
4. time management
6. free t-shirt (for committee je la.haha.)
7. free mineral water
8. adrenaline rush (i like it!)
9. fun...a hell of fun!!!wohoo~

(caih,baru main 1 game dah bising.haha,sorry mates!i'll be a regular player next year ok~)

so come and join us these final days of UTP Sports Carnival!
it doesnt really matter if u win or lose,
it's the adrenaline rush that are worth for!

err but yep..we lost. (futsal female)
oh well,
i couldnt care less.
we played for fun,experience.
this is not an Olympic anyway.haha~

and i dont think it is nice to fight between the committees and players.
it is ugly,actually.
oh well,
once again,i couldnt care less.haha.
gaduh-gaduh la.terus lawan sumo lagi bagus.ok,bye. (lari~~~)

[iklan!i found a very cute puff shop in tesco pengkalan.the puffs were very try it!]

[yummy yummy!!]

heh actually the shop owner was asking why am i so excited,while taking the puffs pic.i told him that i'm gonna promote the shop.later he said,"oh boley2...amik la gambar banyak2.." hahaha.what was he thinking?i was some kind of reporter from Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan?or maybe a spy from another puff shop?psst.go figure.



Wednesday, April 15, 2009


oh my..
this semester is so busy.
really very busy.
oh,but wait.
i dont think i'm gonna elaborate the bizziness as i guess people are getting tired of hearing how-much-busy-we-are-that-we-are-so-tired talk.

i'll just say i'm busy.hehe

no matter how much busy i am,i'm not gonna forget to wish,


happy happy happy birthday!! (15 of April)
u know how much i loveee u kan?kan?
to death tahu! *wink wink wink* :]
ok,now here's the list why we should loveee this devil. (*~*)

[she's pretty.what a beauty kan?hehe~]

[she likes kid.i mean really likes them,not just ordinary liking..ok the word should be,addict.yes,she's addicted to children,babies,small cute chubby little kids....]

[she's an action her,action speaks louder than word.]

[she knows how to dress.ok,eventho sometimes she needs help to buy one.haha..berterimakasih la padaku yg hebat membeli belah ni ye.]

[she's sweet.hehe~ she describes everyone perfectly. :) ]

[she knows how to crack a joke....]
(this is an illegal in-flight photo.haha~ dah kena marah baru lah stop ber-posing. xp)

[she's a good catch!!haha!a perfect girlfriend indeed..rite abg id? xpp ]

[she knows when to have a family time!finger lickin good together-gether at klia kfc..]

[she knows when to strike a wanting us to have a picture dalam bilik air,that is.haha~ plus,she loveees the abah huh. :) ]

[she's a money-saver.very particular with anything that costs money.]
(this is funny.she's trying a RM1200++ nike jacket..just to feel the expensive-ness.hahaha!how's the feeling eyh long?)

[and..she's an excellent sister.very loving and loveable.we are so lucky to have her~ weee~~]

[dont tell me we're lookalike.cos we're not.haahaa. :] i loveee u sis!]


Monday, April 13, 2009


hi guys.
my name is timmie tammie tummie tommie temmie.
just call me timmie.or tommie.
i'm 2o days old and i'm cute.

i dont know to do anything
except for sleeping,eating,sleeping some more,
and and make rubbish all over my master desk ,and then i'll be sleeping again.
i dont make much noise.
and my master loveees me so much.
(except for the making-the-rubbish sorry master!)

i live in a beautiful pink cage
which has a gigantic wheel in it.
but i dont know how to use the wheel.
so the wheel just there for display.
my master always force me to play with the wheel but i dont.
its ok.
my master would loves me anyway.hee ;]

i eat sunflower seeds everyday.
i mean every time.
haahaa xp

i love to eat.
sometimes my master feeds me with popcorn,biscuits,strawberry pudding,mango bits,dark chocolate,chunks of maggi mee,aloe vera,raisin,and even Nestle Choco Chex.
lets say she'll feeds me every little thing she had.
(but i dont think that she eats a little)
she's a food lover, i suppose.

lately,my master is kind of busy.
she ignored me for 2 days
and she forgot to fill my water.
so her lovely roomie scolded her.
kesian my master...
(oh yeah,i forgot to mention that i'm a birthday present from master Ain,master Iela and master Zopo.thank u thank u!)

that one day,
i bite my master.
she was so stress that day,but then i bit her.
my master cried,
and she blame herself for everything
i'm so scared that i hide,then i sleep.
but the next day,
my master is smiling and playing with me again.
i guess my cute-ness is something heh?

[look at my master loveees me for that butt.ohoo~]

various peoples are visiting me
they like to play with me and then they poke me bcos i dont like being poke.
but so far,its only been girls
why there arent any boy in my master's room?
is it bcos she's single?
i'm a female and i'm lonely
why cant my master buy me a partner and i can make babies for my master.
but i heard that she is family planning me.
she dont want me to make babies.

i hate it when my master tries to clean my cage.
yes,i dont like neatness.
i'll be running away,wildly,hecticly from my master
plus plus,
my master almost cried yesterday when i suddenly ran towards the window
she thought i'll be jumping down like spiderman
but i'm a hamster ok.not a spider.

oh ok.
i gotta go now.
my master wants to feed me..
now what?
dried strawberry?
ohoo i like it!
annyong haseyoo everybody....
(i'm learning to speak korean bcos my master is listening to korean music and watching korean series all day.ohoo~)