Sunday, April 26, 2009


he reminded you of comets colliding and holding your breath underwater and bedtime stories.he was your rainbow, your sunny sky, your ledge to hold onto and the song you fell asleep listening to each night.

you couldnt get him out of your head.

you didnt even want to.

there was no choice, no other option.there was nothing - nothing but him and the promises in his eyes and the whispers from his lips.

there was nothing but falling.

he made you smile, made you laugh, made you want to live again.the two of you would go to the park just to watch the shadows chase each other on the ground.he'd hold your hand and tell you pretty words, and you believed every one of them.

his breath was like autumn wind, soft and sweet, and he was the only thing that would chase your nightmare away.

you didnt realize that he was the nightmare.

he was the water and salty tears.he was the waves, pulling you under, begging you to surrender.he was sweet breeze hiding the terror underneath, and he was the memory you never wanted to forget.he was the sand sticking between your toes that you only half-wanted to get rid of but never could.

he was the ocean.

but the ocean drowns everyone eventually.

he was your parachute, stopping you from falling, stopping you from crashing.

but your parachute broke, let you go.

and now there is only falling.

[courtesy from AMERTIE on deviantArt..they are very nice words kan?] :]


1August09: ohmygod..i am sorry about everything.i havent update/view this blog for a while, so i dont realize the situation in here.i'm so sorry to the author of this poem, Amertie....i should include your name!sorry,my bad!my deepest apologie..

i must say,
i almost cried when i typed the words in from the desktop screen to the blog.
cause it describes my feelings,perfectly.
heh,memory cant be erased,dont they?
oh well,stop thinking bout past.
what done is done.since it is fate, what can i do?
better shape up!hee~ :] go!go!go!



  1. why loving someone makes u hurt and tiring?

  2. comment.hehe~ ask me directly n i'll tell u why. :]

  3. i understand~~
    it hurts a lot when we're trying so hard...n at last..we've been disappointed~~
    been there...don't wanna face it again~~

  4. hye am..
    erm thank u for the sharing.
    means a lot. :]

  5. Um. That's Amertie's from deviantART. :| don't upload other peoples' stuff, thief.

  6. Please take this down immediately. You have no permission from the author from deviantArt to post this on your blog. At least credit the author, or ask first. What you're doing is rude and insensitive, and I suggest you take this down, NOW. You can't credit deviantArt for this - it's like crediting Google, which you. Can't. Do. This can be counted as plagiarism as well.

  7. It's Amertie's D: Are you stupid or something?
    Giving credit isn't that hard =__=

  8. What do I think?

    I think you're a fucking thief. Grow a backbone, and give credit where credit's due.

  9. Please give credit to Amertie or take this down immediately. It's against the law not to.

  10. Honestly, How can you be so thick as to not give credit to Amertie.
    Really, you gave credit to dA but not to her.
    Im sure she wouldn't mind if you used her work with absolutle credit to her, but this is just ridiculous.
    And i'll tell you something else, it's also illegal.

  11. look, i don't mind that you posted my work on your blog. honestly, i don't.

    but please give me proper credit. that's all i ask.
    credit 'amertie on deviantart', not 'deviantart'.
    that's all i ask.

    please, just change it to that.
    otherwise i'll report you, and i really don't feel like you stole it intentionally. =/

  12. Guys no need to be so mean to her,it's not like she's saying she wrote it, she's not stealing anything for fuck's sake!
    But I'd suggest you credit her, that's all she's asking, after all, and it's pretty easy to do so. =)

  13. Yeah, I agree that some of these comments are a little harsh. It's really not considered theft if she doesn't slaim it as her own. She DID acknowledge that she got it elsewhere. So it shouldn't be such a huge deal.

    That havng been said, having seen a lot of plagiarism on the internet, I do think it is a good idea to link to your source. It saves you a lot of trouble and that way you don't end up getting flamed. :\

  14. mhmmm, some comments are a bit harsh
    you know what Hun, just put Amertie's name on there and it should be fine
    I understand that you really like that poem but you've also really hurt her
    Just remember to do that if you ever post someone else's stuff again

  15. thank you for changing it.


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